Should I Install Fence Poles on the Inside or Outside?

6 ft stained board on board cedar fence in duncanville

Should I Install Fence Poles on the Inside or Outside?

It depends on the purpose of the fence and personal preference if you should install fence poles on the inside or outside. If the goal is to contain animals or keep people out, installing fence posts on the inside is generally recommended. All cities require the smooth side to face out where it can be seen from the street. However, alleys do not apply.  

If your neighbor is not paying for the fence, you can face the fence in either direction. If you share the cost, you should get your neighbor’s agreement on how to face the fence before proceeding.

Most will keep the smooth side out, making it harder for someone to climb over. And an eight-foot fence makes that even harder.  

Higher-end cedar fences have trim on the top, which is given to the neighbor if the smooth side faces out.

If seeing the steel poles is an issue, you can have boxes installed to cover them.  They are an extra cost but certainly add to the aesthetics.

Ultimately, deciding whether to install fence posts on the inside or outside is a personal preference.

What’s Next?

Contact us for a free quote if you want more about these options.  We service the entire DFW metroplex. I will work with you to determine the best type of fence for your needs and budget and provide you with a detailed estimate.  Contact us today to get started on your new fence project.

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